HELLO, and WELCOME to the SACO Superfoods website.  Let us introduce ourselves, and share our story with you.


We are Franck and Lucia.  I was born on the Ivory Coast but grew up in Senegal and Italy, Lucia was born and raised in Italy by Congolese parents.  Seventeen years ago, we moved from Italy to Manchester and after completing our studies I moved into the financial sector, and Lucia took up a role as a Junior University Lecturer. 

Our goal was always to start our own business, but we struggled to find something that we would be passionate about.  However, in Spring 2010 that all changed. 


On a visit to my family in Abidjan, I made the long trip to Duekoue (in the West of the country) - a six-hour road trip! There I discovered the true beauty of my country, the diversity of its people, and the agricultural opportunities on offer. 

During a long conversation with my dad about agriculture in Africa and the health benefits of natural ingredients, he offered me some flakes of dry ginger to try - I had never tasted anything like it before and wanting to share it with Lucia, I packed some in my bag for her to try.  Lucia loved it!  

Lucia suffers from digestive disorders, so we started using the flakes to make our own ginger tea after every meal - the result was incredible. She felt less bloated and less fatigued within days.


The decision was made - why not share this fabulous superfood with others?  Right there and then, without us possibly realising it - our business was born.


Unfortunately, the Ivory Coast was hit by a political crisis in December 2010 and our dream was put to a halt in its infancy.


I went back to Abidjan four years later, still with the desire to do something with the ginger flakes.  A friend introduced me to one of the ladies from a small co-operative of women that produces it. Her name is Amy. She told me her heartbreaking story. After the political crisis, her husband went to look for better job opportunities in another country, but never came back. She was left with her sisters and four children to raise, and selling ginger flakes and other products at the local market was her only source of income.


This was our lightbulb moment - we decided to make it our mission to find the best natural products grown in the Ivory Coast by local small-scale producers and help them improve their livelihood by sharing these unique products with customers all over the world.


In February 2016 SACO Trading Ltd was born.


We currently source our products from small cooperatives of men and women in the Ivory Coast. Since we started working with them in 2016, their income to support their children has tripled. Our aim is to increase the number of producers,  having a greater impact by reaching more local communities and bringing these natural products to our customers all around the world.


Our range of products includes the Ginger Flakes, the Baobab Powder and the Hibiscus Flower and Organic Dried Mango  - all 100% natural, 100% ethical and rich in nutrients and vitamins.

These superfoods are great natural ingredients that offer excellent health benefits for the body and the mind and can be used in different ways, in cooking and baking or simply infused in hot water as teas.  

Our products are available online and in local shops around Greater Manchester.


We are passionate about what we do and we love talking to our customers. If you want to learn more about the benefits that natural superfoods from Africa have to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Franck & Lucia


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